Wedding Tuxedos: Should I Rent or Buy a Ring Bearer Tuxedo?

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Wedding Tuxedos : Should Rent or Buy a Ring Bearer Tuxedo ?

We receive so many questions when it comes to renting wedding tuxedos.  One of those questions is about the little kiddos.  Should we rent the ring bearers tux as well?  The answer?  Yes!

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Ring bearers decked out in a tux is one of the most cutest and memorable experiences brides cherish forever.  Another reason renting a child tuxedo is because they are very hard on dress clothes.  They find their friends and cousins and run along the grass or fall and accidentally tear holes in the knee area.  Because you can purchase accidental damage waiver for around $3.00 to $6.00 you can let the little ones run to their hearts content but please remember that it’s accidental damage like sitting down and a tear happens or catching on coat on something but holes in the knees don’t count. Most places will charge you for a pant replacement fee. Have fun and enjoy but watch the little ones.

So the question as to whether renting a ring bearers tuxedo is a good idea or not is a no brainer..yes.  Come see what we can do for your little one and let us dress your memories along with give you peace of mind….and don’t forget the FREE SOCKS for the entire wedding party if you like us on Facebook. Stop by anyone of our Phoenix AZ or Mesa AZ tuxedo shops and will help you pick out the best wedding suit or wedding tuxedos for your party. We rent expensive tuxedo’s and some less expensive to work with any budget for a Arizona wedding.

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