Why Rose Tuxedo is the best place to go for same day tuxedo rental!!!

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Rose Tuxedo is a same-day tuxedo rental business in Arizona, yes you heard right SAME DAY tuxedo rental that’s the dream isn’t it. You don’t need an appointment and just walk into the three easy to find locations and walk out with a dapper new tux.

All of the tuxedoes come fitted and can have measurements taken free of charge at any of the locations, with all of the rose Tuxedo specialists trained to make onsite alterations.

Rose Tuxedo

Rose Tuxedo

So why is Rose Tuxedo better than going out and buying a tux. Simple, in a world of convenience and ease, why have the hassle of going into a large department store to look through thousands of tuxedos with no real sense of any personal or emotional service. Then when you find the perfect tuxedo, only to be told it will take three weeks to arrive as it must be specially ordered in and be left with a massive bill.

Why not simply call into one of Rose Tuxedo locations and meet the friendly team who will measure you and let you see the many designer tuxedos, with the largest formal wear inventory in all the states you are bound to find one and walk out the same day with your rented tux. Hassle-Free. It’s a no-brainer. Where else could you get a tailer fitted designer tux without an appointment and by simply walking in, the answer, nowhere except Rose Tuxedo.

Same Day Tuxedo Rental

Rose Tuxedo Streamlines the service and makes it stress-free, everything from the tuxedo to the shoes can be rented and picked up the same day. It is quite literally a walk-in and walk-out rental shop. It is ideal for weddings where the best men can get all their tuxedos with shoes to match in the one place not needing to worry about arranging around when you can get the next free appointment at Rose Tuxedo as you can simply walk on it. It could not be any simpler.

Why Rose Tuxedo

With tuxes in all styles and colors, there’s is something for everyone and every occasion, providing for such events as weddings, Proms, and Quinceanera as well as Western tuxedos and Women’s Tuxedos everyone can be catered for at the drop of a hat at Rose Tuxedos.

So simply walk on into Rose Tuxedos and come on out with your fancy new rented designer tux and look the best dressed in Arizona State. Call us anytime 602 957-0089 For hours and you can live to chat us 24/7 on our website. Suiting the Valley since 1980


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