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Prom Tuxedo Rental

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Even if it may not seem like it, the end of the school year is pretty close and everybody should be thinking, among other things (finals, SATs, college applications) about just how amazing their prom is going to be. The first thing that needs to be crossed off the list of things to do before prom night is definitely getting a date. Once that is out of the way, high school students can focus on the next important thing, which is finding the perfect outfit. A good looking prom tuxedo will not only make a great impression, but it will also make you feel incredibly confident and ready to take on the world.

prom tuxedo

Many people see prom as a rite of passage or as one last amazing night that high school students can spend with their friends and classmates. This is exactly why every prom tuxedo should look absolutely flawless. Your friends have had hundreds of chances to see you casually dressed and we believe it is about time to show them how smart and formal you can really look in a prom tuxedo. By the way, your prom tuxedo may even end up pleasantly surprising your date and, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like to impress their prom date?

When it comes to prom tuxedo rentals in Phoenix, there are, of course, a lot of options you can choose from. However, there is only one prom tuxedo rental shop that can fully guarantee you will walk out of there with the most amazing, best fitted and highly fashionable prom tuxedo, and that is Rose Tuxedo.

Here, at Rose Tuxedo, we pride ourselves in having available some of the latest styles and colors that can satisfy even the most demanding customers. One other thing we are incredibly proud of is the fact that each of our shops has a professional tailor who can alter any prom tuxedo so that it can perfectly fit you. Our tailors can lower the sleeves or even the pants of a rental tux. More than that, we have additional formal wear inventory on site. This means that we can change a certain item, even last minute. No matter your size, we can guarantee that you will find the perfect fitting prom tuxedo at our shop.

Rose tuxedo has over 20 years of experience as a tuxedo rental business. This is exactly why we are the best choice. Add this to our highly competitive and incredibly affordable prices, and you will definitely not even think about checking out other stores. However, even if we are fully stocked and actually have an impressive number of tuxedos on site, you should hurry up and come for a fitting as soon as possible, because later on you might not have so many prom tuxedo options to choose from.

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Men’s Slim Fit Pants, skinny tuxedo pants

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Men’s slim fit pants are quickly becoming very popular among younger males and all women. The pants fit nicely as they show off the assets that the men and women have such as tiny legs or a plump backside. Women are always looking for pants that make them look shapely and these do the trick. A tuxedo rental company is probably not the first place you may look to find shape fitting designer pants. We usually think of a pair of tuxedo pants as a pair of pants that look like the next but this is not true. Tuxedo pants are extraordinary and sexy. No matter what color you choose, the slim pants are going to look great. Choose from dark, light, striped, or solid styles in your slim pants. They all look fantastic with your favorite smile. Although we have to be honest and say skinny tuxedo pants are not for everybody and most should enjoy a nice fitting pants because they look great on everyone. You may not feel it or think so but trust me and your parent on this one. Fitted tuxedo pants can look good and be fun so come on into one of our 3 Rose Tuxedo shops and let our professionals help you get the look you want. Rose Tuxedo 4031 n. 24th street Phoenix AZ 602 957-0089

Slim fit is not for everybody, different shapes don't look great

Slim fit is not for everybody, different shapes don’t look great

Add your Men’s slim fit pants under a baggy sweater for a sheik and sexy look. Women like this look when they are running out to go shopping or they are sitting around the house. They are also finding that the different colors can create a fantastic style in their wardrobe. A slim pair of pants, a nice pair of heels, and a sleek shimmery blouse will give the woman a great feeling of being sexy and ready for a night out on the town. We never forget the ladies and how hot they look in everything they wear, skinny tux pants, dress pants, a dress it’s all good!!!skinny tuxedo pantsMen that are young, old, skinny or fat are enjoying these slim fit pants because they give and move as the man moves. They are extremely comfortable and make moving around safer. A young man may accent their slim pants with a button up shirt, tail out, and a pair of red converse style sneakers. This gives the look of sexy and confident. Older men that want to wear these design of pants will put them on with a sports jacket, a pullover shirt and maybe a nice set of penny loafers. The hair slicked back and a smile is all they need to pull off this business style look. slim fit tux pants
Weddings and Proms are just two of the many venues that you may want to put on a pair of your men’s slim fit pants and let yourself shine. A good look for these pants is a beautiful woman in her slim pants by your side. These tuxedo slim pants will take you into any dressy or formal venue with style. Rose Tuxedo carries a large selection of skinny tuxedo pants at a up charge of around $50 a rental. We carry mostly black slim fit tuxedo pants and not colored those are just pictures for the blog. Come on in and rent your tuxedo for Prom at Rose Tuxedo and know your getting the best service, product and prices. And at Rose Tuxedo every time a Student rents a tuxedo your school is automatically entered for a chance to win a free rental!! For every 15 students that rent from your school Rose Tuxedo has a drawing and picks one free rental, if you school rents 30 total tuxedos at Rose Tuxedo we will have 3 free rentals so tell all your friends to rent at Rose Tux and save more and a chance to get their tuxedo rental in Phoenix for FREE!!! *must be complete orders to count as one. *school must enter their school by email to participate. Thank you Rose and have a safe prom night.

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Tuxedos Phoenix Arizona Supply & Demand

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Lock in Your Tuxedo Needs Before the High Season Begins

Towards the end of January the flower and Candy shops gear up for one of their busiest days of the year, Valentines Day. Walk by a department store, a florist shop or a pastry shop on or about Mother’s day and you’ll see entire teams of people running to keep up with orders. In fact, if you’ve ever bought flowers, Candy or gifts during any of these times you know how hectic it can get, and there have probably been moments when you can’t even find what you want. That special bouquet, flower or gift is just “Sold Out.” What a horrible phrase to hear when you had your heart set on that special gift.Well, the same problem occurs in the Tuxedo business during prom and wedding season. During the busy Prom and Wedding Tuxedo rental season it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect rental.

Starting in March and up through July is the time when Proms, weddings and special black tie events are held. This is the busiest season for Rose Tuxedo, as well as most Tuxedo rental businesses throughout the country. This is the time when rentals are often limited or out of stock, when certain sizes are unavailable; a time when certain sized shirts or pants are out of stock. We have one of AZ largest selection of designer Tuxedos in-stock but some sizes and styles do get booked up early.

What’s the Solution?
The best thing to do when you know you have a Prom, wedding event or other type of event requiring formal attire during this busy time of the season is to call ahead and reserve your tuxedo or formal attire rental. This ensures that we carry your size and keep the type of tuxedo you want on hand for the day you need it.

Why Do Costs Vary During the Spring and Summer?
Just as the price of other products go up during their high season so do the prices in tuxedos vary slightly during our high season. This is a result of our higher supplier costs and due to the shortage of formal wear garments. You can stay in ANY Arizona Resort for half the price during the summer than during the Winter months, why? Because they try to fill rooms in the Summer to keep all the employees busy and make some money.

To get the best formal wear rental for your budget, it’s very important that you lock in a price and a style for the tuxedo rental that best suits you as soon as possible. This will ensure that you get the price and style you want on the big event day, even if it is during the high season. Reserve your Prom Tuxedo rental early if you can and we do carry lots of same day tuxedo rentals.

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Last Chance for Prom Tuxedos

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How much are they over charging?

How much are they over charging?

Prom is going on all over the country! If your school hasn’t had Prom yet it’s time to get your tuxedo ready! Whether you have a date or not, renting your tux from the best shop in town will guarantee to get you noticed by some pretty young ladies. Go stag with your team of friends and have your pick of eligible ladies. Go with your date and make all of the other girls jealous of your suave and debonair look. Let’s talk about some tips for getting the right tuxedo for your Prom night. Ladies, you can consult our blog or magazines like Seventeen for more tips, and GQ is always a nice source.

  1. When in doubt, go classic. A basic tuxedo is timeless and will look amazing every time. Black jacket and slacks with a white shirt and a classic bowtie (or one to match your date) is a perfect choice every time.
  2. Bow ties are classic. You can wear a different type of tie for Prom, but ladies go nuts for the cute bowtie with your tux. You can spruce it up with some color or go basic, there’s no way to lose.
  3. Skinny ties are popular. If you don’t like bowties or want to stand out you can consider a skinny tie in a fun color or with a fun accent.
  4. Show your individuality. If you don’t like the foolproof method, you can throw in something to make yourself stand out. Add a different colored shirt, an accessory, a hat, or opt for a different colored tux altogether.
  5. Prom Bill Blass Grey Style 114

    Prom Bill Blass Grey Style 114

    Vests make a statement. Not all prom goers opt for a vest or cummerbund, but it’s not a bad idea. Match the color with your dates dress so you can remove your tux jacket when it gets warm, or forget the jacket altogether.

  6. You don’t need dress shoes 100% of the time. Consult your date on this. You can throw on some classy and clean sneakers (or any other type of shoe) but make sure they’re clean and your date is aware (and ok with it). Dress shoes are a safe bet and you’ll look amazing, but do you.
  7. Have fun with the pictures. You don’t have to look solemn or boring for your pictures. Try a funny pose, bring out accessories (hats, sunglasses, etc) for a couple fun pictures.
  8. Choose a suit fit that fits your style. Not every man will want the classic tux, and some will look best in a slim version.


    GQ’s guide to the three types of tuxedos.

  9. Don’t be afraid of the “novelty” suit or tux, or a suit in general. While some may be hard to find, wearing a different colored or patterned tuxedo can make you stand out and make the evening a little more exciting. Also, sometimes a two-or-three piece suit will look totally appropriate.
  10. Always consult your date in regards to color and accessories. Prom is the closest thing to a wedding most of these girls will have for a while, so let them be a part of your tuxedo decision.

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asking a Date to Prom

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Asking a date to Prom?

Asking a date to Prom?

The Magic of Prom Starts With Finding A Date

Each year for over a hundred years, high school prom (shorthand for the promenade held at the beginning of a formal ball) has been an important coming of age event in American culture. While social etiquette has changed quite a bit in that time, one thing hasn’t, prom dates are still an important yet intimidating part of the experience. Finding yourself one does not have to be hard or overwhelming and asking a date to prom should be fun and not scary.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to ask our collective crushes to prom. This is probably the worst thing we can do. We imagine all the possibilities ahead of us, ignoring the reality that we are these amazing unique individuals who are worthy of having a date that is into us. Focusing on asking someone you find intimidating to such an event can often make the task seem downright scary. Prom is all about having fun while learning the formalities associated with high-society. Your date should be someone you know you’ll have a good time with, someone you want to make memories with. Most likely you’re looking to ask someone you either enjoy being around or hope to get closer to.

As an initiation into the adult world of semi-formal occasions, it is often our first experience in choosing a date, formal wear, flowers, and ride. Just like other formal events such as weddings, the planning that goes into being prepared for prom night takes time. Therefore, the most important step in asking your prom date to go with you is ask early in the season. The main thing preventing dream prom dates is simply waiting too long to ask.

Most people are flattered by being asked to prom, whether they see any romantic interest or not. The worst-case scenario is they say no and you’re free to ask someone else. However, they may accept and propose you go as friends. Wait too long and they may have already accepted a date that they maybe aren’t as happy about. Don’t be intimidated by and compare yourself to others. Being your genuine self is an important aspect of asking someone on a date. If they say no, it only means you’re not compatible at the moment, not that there is anything wrong with you.

Most people might find it intimidating to talk to their prom date face to face. Relationships should always be handled face to face. However, prom dates aren’t relationships. They are a date to a single event. Dates can be initiated with a handwritten letter, card, or even text. The best part about asking a date to prom is even if they say no you can still attend with a good friend or group of friends. In fact, prom is best enjoyed with the people you spend the rest of your time with. Take someone that is there for you when you are hurt and those that cheer you on. No prom date is complete without friends to share the night with.

Ladies and gentlemen, get out there! The most important part of prom is having a good time and learning how to navigate the planning of a semi-formal affair. Whether you go as a group or with a date, as long as you take the opportunity to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime evening you’ve done it right. Once you have a Prom date or not Rose Tuxedo can help you pick out a Tuxedo or Prom Suit that will make you look and feel good at a great price, more money for you to enjoy dinner and pictures that night. 3 locations to suit you, Phoenix Tuxedos and Mesa Tuxedos.


November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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