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New Year’s Resolutions? Let Us Help!

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A awesome Rose customerIt’s 2016 and everyone’s saying “New year, new me!” We want to help you mean that! If you want to improve your life, we’d like to help. Today we’ll talk about some ways we can help you become the person you want to be by the end of the year (which, to be honest, was maybe the person you’ve been trying to be for the last few years, we all know how resolutions go).

  1. Look Better/Feel Better: Men look great in suits . Women look great in suits . Everyone looks (and feels) awesome in a suit or tux . Rent or purchase a suit for your next job interview, wedding attendance, birthday party, or any other celebration or outing! Look your best so you can feel your best. Wearing a well-fitting suit is one of the best ways to look and feel better about yourself!
  2. Get Out More: If you have a new(ish) suit, you may find yourself enjoying going out for a night on the town more! Using a three piece suit is a great way to change up your look without hearing “didn’t you wear that last time I saw you?” Our Men’s Warehouse quality and prices will keep you looking sharp all year! One suit can work in so many ways, by piecing it out and pairing sections with other formal wear, jeans, khakis, and different shirts.
  3. Celebrate More: Having a suit (or being able to rent one quickly and easily) will put a little extra bounce in your step when it comes to celebrating. Someone getting married? Put on a suit and go out for a night on the town. Someone’s birthday? Same thing. Hot date? Impress her instantly with a sweet outfit. You’ll be looking for excuses to look your best and show off in celebration of how great life will be this year.
  4. Be the Center of Attention (At Least Occasionally): Don’t out-do the man of the hour at a celebration, but get some attention for how amazing you look! Especially if you don’t often dress us. Make it a special night and look your best to be the envy of all other attendants.
  5. Best Tuxedo Website!Get the Girl: Women love a man in a suit! That’s it. Nothing else to this part.
  6. Try New Things: Whether you’re a man who doesn’t dress up or a woman who wants to try something different, we can help you pick out the best suits and tuxedos for your needs. Rent a suit for a party, buy some suit pieces to work into your wardrobe (Ladies, think of Ellen!)
  7. Be You: If suits aren’t your thing, we get it, but remember that the option is always there and we have tons of options to help you pick out the best one for an upcoming formal event, business meeting, job interview, and more.

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School Dances

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Proms, Weddings our customers shine for less.

Proms, Weddings our customers shine for less.

We’ve been talking a lot about weddings and men’s fashion lately, so today we’re talking to you Middle School and High School kids! School has been back in session for a few weeks, so it’s time to start thinking about some of the major school dances! Start finding your dates for prom, get ready for Home Coming, Sadie Hawkins, and the Winter Formal! Here are some reasons why you should consider a suit or tux for your school dances– regardless of the implied or stated dress code.

  1. Sadie Hawkins: Once you have caught the attention of a lady suitor, it’s time to think about your outfit! You can go with a well fitted suit (a tuxedo might be a bit much) or you can try something a little different. Consider the various ways you can mix and match a 3-piece suit! Play with shirt and tie colors or try a suit vest instead of a jacket. You can even mix it up further and try a suit jacket, slacks, and a classy graphic tee! Dress it up or dress it down to impress your date.
  2. Home Coming: Any time there’s a home coming dance, it’s a big deal. Represent your school with a jacket, tie, or shirt in your school colors. Rose Tuxedo has a huge selection of colors and styles for you to choose from.
  3. Winter Formal: Sometimes called Snow Balls, or any other number of names, this dance will come up before you realize it (and then it will be Summer before you know it!). Start planning now to get the best deals on limos, suits or tuxes, and dresses. Try out some patterned ties or go with a classic black-and-white ensemble. Match a pocket square or tie to your dates dress, or go stag with some friends and find a theme! Besides Prom, this is one of the biggest dances of the year– especially for those who are not eligible to go to Prom (sorry, Freshmen!).
  4. IMG_20150413_075553College: While most colleges don’t have traditional “dances” like high school, there are formal gatherings, especially for sororities and fraternities. Look your best and impress the ladies with a crisp suit for these events.
  5. PROM: Prom 2016 will be here before you know it. Some girls are already planning their outfit like it’s their wedding day! If you already know who your date will be, respect her choices and be just as excited if possible!

Did we miss something? Have some questions about men’s fashion, dances, party planning, formal wear, etc? Let us know and we may cover it here. We love providing fantastic formal wear to all of our clients. Arizona, we’ve got your back, and your front. And everything in between. We’ll have you looking amazing for all of your formal and semi-formal events.

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Last Chance for Summer Weddings

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Female guest attire for the ladies.

Female guest attire for the ladies.

September may scream “fall,” to most people—Pumpkin Spice is popping up everywhere already—but it’s still Summer throughout most of September, guys! Let’s finish up the season strong! There’s still time to have that perfect Summer wedding. At Rose Tuxedo we still have plenty of Summer colors to choose from for any groomsman, best man, groom, and any guest in attendance!

We can match colors with anything you find at bridal boutiques (as well as most prom dresses).

If you’re looking to attend a summer wedding soon, we have some beautiful ideas as to what you can wear! Check out the images throughout this post for some lovely ideas, ladies! And for you fellas out there, take a note from your female counterparts and try some floral prints, pastel colors, and thin material to be the perfect wedding guest.

Ladies, ladies and ladies!

Ladies, ladies and ladies!

Summer weddings should be about color, flowers, heat, passion, and beauty. Who doesn’t love being outside on a beautiful Summer afternoon or evening? How beautiful is it to dance under the stars at midnight with your new spouse? Play some of the top hits of summer or stick to wedding classics and staples, or go indie and play obscure things your guests have probably never heard of. Summer is about fun, so go all out and do something great! You only get married once (hopefully), so make it beautiful.

Stay within your budget with Rose Tuxedo! We offer high end boutique and men’s warehouse quality at discount prices! No point in spending a fortune on suits or tuxedos that will be worn once! We offer great prices for both rentals and purchases! We can work with any budget, any theme, all color schemes, and all shapes or sizes!

Summer wedding attire for ladies!

Summer wedding attire for ladies!

Next week we’ll talk about some awesome wedding traditions to give you some ideas and to explain why we do the things we do! Stay tuned to Rose Tuxedo every weekend to learn about weddings, fashion, formal events, and more! We’re your one stop shop for all formal and semi-formal attire to make you look like a million bucks!

Come to Rose Tuxedo for all of your formal attire needs. We can work with children and adults alike (even those men who sometimes act like children, ladies). Before you know it, Homecoming dances and Prom will be around the corner, so when you’re done with Quinceaneras and weddings, it’s time to start planning school dances and graduations! Let’s make 2015 great with amazing fashion! Look your best for the best year you’ve had so far!

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Impress Mom with a Suit Rental

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Mother’s Day is May 10th so it’s time to try to make it a special evening. Take her out to a fancy dinner wearing a great suit and remind her just how great she did at raising you. There isn`t a mom out there who wouldn`t love seeing her young man dressed his  best escorting her to the car, to the table, and pulling out her chair before choosing a fine wine and telling her to order to her heart`s content. So let us help make this Mother`s Day the best one yet. Be the fine gentleman your mother raised you to be.

What mother wouldn’t want a picture of her boys looking so dapper?

If you are the father of some amazing children you can also rent a tuxedo for those little fellas in your home to show your wife just how great you and your boys can look. Treat her like a queen for a day or treat her like a celebrity or the president and throw on some sunglasses as if you’re the Secret Service to give her a few laughs. Make sure to get some amazing pictures and you can get them framed for next year’s gift (or Christmas, her birthday, or a belated Mother’s Day gift).

Throw a party for the mothers in your life and rent some suit jackets or vests and slacks to look a little like waiters at fancy restaurants and serve these important women a home cooked meal (or something ordered or catered, it`s all up to you). Put a little care into your appearance without spending the money to purchase suits!

Who needs an excuse to dress up? Dressing up is fun and it`s a great excuse to look amazing for some photos. So dress up your mother`s important men and get some professional photos taken so she can have a new memory of you all cleaned up instead of sticking to the memories of you covered in mud as a young terror.

Some restaurants require the wearing of a suit jacket or blazer so instead of shuffling through your closet for your old suit jacket that hardly fits or resorting to the suit jackets the restaurant keeps you can come down to Rose Tuxedo for rental and purchasing needs of various men’s wear! Skip the department stores and go straight to the best place in town to get a custom fit suit—even if it’s only for a night.

No matter what you’re doing for Mother’s Day this year, treat her right and do something special (with or without our help) so bring out the Breakfast-In-Bed tray, put on your best outfit for dinner, or just spend the day doing what she wants to do.

Rose Tuxedo wishes you and your mothers a Happy Mother’s Day

Don’t forget that Rose Tuxedo is perfect for weddings, prom, graduations, interviews, parties, and more! If you need a suit or tuxedo you’ve come to the right place!

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Types of School Dances

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Going to dances is a big part of the social aspect of school. From middle school dances to Senior prom, most students love going to dances to socialize, get out of the house, and potentially get with the crush they’ve obsessed over for months. It’s also a great excuse to ask a crush out on a date! Some schools have special dances based on their traditions, but there are a few basic dances with general dress-code expectations. Don’t let yourself (or your young students) stand out in the worst way by not wearing the appropriate attire and use this as a guide to help decide when to get your young men fitted for a suit.

Homecoming: This is often the first dance of the new school year and correlated to the first big football game of the season. These dances are often formal or semiformal. Schools can set the dress code how they want, but anything from slacks and a polo shirt to a full suit may be required. When in doubt, over-dress. If your son wants to go to Homecoming and doesn’t know the dress code, he’ll impress his date regardless of dress code by showing up in a well-fitting suit.

Winter Formal: This dance goes by many names (including Snow Ball) and takes place between 2 of the biggest dances for most schools: prom and homecoming. Dress codes for this type of dance usually encourage a suit and tie. Boys are expected to wear a solid color button-down shirt with slacks, black jeans, or khakis, and often a suit jacket or a nice sweater or blazer. It’s best to wear shoes that compliment the outfit—so it’s best to avoid sneakers (especially dirty ones).

Sadie Hawkins: This commonly referenced dance type traditionally requires girls to ask boys to the dance since it’s often expected of boys to initiate invitations to dances. This is a good chance to help girls gain the confidence to ask out boys (which should never be looked down upon). Like many other dances, dress codes are determined by the school. This dance is often much less formal than homecoming or other events. Semi-formal (leaning more towards informal) is very common and sometimes a theme is applied, or humorous dress codes are encouraged. Some schools run with the hillbilly theme for this dance.

Spring Fling: Made popular by the movie Mean Girls, Spring Fling dances are sometimes student-organized and thrown for underclassmen. Students may strive for more Spring inspired looks by wearing pastels, bright colors, or floral prints. Again, dress code can be determined by the school but guys are safe with button-down shirts, slacks or khakis, and some sort of jacket or sweater, but depending on the weather and temperatures a jacket or sweater may be wise to ignore.

Prom: Prom is the closest thing to a wedding most of these high school girls will experience for up to a decade. Girls dream of their prom night like they do their wedding. This is a dance where a tuxedo isn’t overdoing it, and a full suit is borderline required. Despite the theme of the specific prom, it’s likely that he boy will be expected to wear a nice suit, possibly with a shirt or tie matching the dress of his date. Plan ahead to ensure your guy is able to get his suit or tux in advance to ensure the right fit, color, style, and more. Some rental places may have trouble keeping suits and tuxedos in stock—but not Rose Tuxedo. Start planning for Prom now if you want but we may still be able to help right before Prom.

Other: Some schools over dances for holidays like Valentine’s Day, ends of the semester, and various types of informal dances. Many of these types do not have a dress code beyond the dress code of daily life at the school. These smaller dances do not require suits very often and your boys should be fine in nice jeans or khakis. But, if they want to impress their dates and stand out, by all means let them wear a suit.


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