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Weddings on a Budget

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Gently used wedding dresses

Gently used wedding dresses

Summer is a wonderful time for a wedding, but not every couple has the funds for an extravagant event with crystal drink ware, high fashion dresses, and fancy venues. Getting married on a lower budget shouldn’t mean you make a ton of sacrifices, it just means you have to think smart and make the most out of what is easily available to you. Today we’ll give you some ideas to make your wedding extra special without taking out thousands of dollars in loans! Your wedding doesn’t need to cost as much as your home!

  1. Rent the Tuxedos : This may seem obvious to some, but rented tuxedos from the right shop (like Rose Tuxedo ) can save you and your partner a fortune! Our high quality suits and tuxedos can match any budget without sacrificing style and comfort. Choose from a wide array of colors and styles to look like a million bucks!
  2. Hire Students: For photographs, live entertainment, hair, and makeup you can usually find students who will work for much cheaper than professionals without sacrificing quality. You also may have some friends who can help out as well for nearly anything from photos to floral arrangements.
  3. Get A Friend Ordained: For a small fee and with very little effort, nearly anyone can become an ordained minister to perform perfectly legal marriages! This can save you money on booking a priest, pastor, or minister and you can get someone important to you and your future spouse to perform the ceremony.
  4. Borrowing: For jewelry and other accessories , or even center pieces, you may be able to find friends, relatives, or neighbors who have pieces you are looking for to save a little bit of money.
  5. Go Simple: Some venues will be so beautiful you may hardly need to decorate– especially for the ceremony. Outdoor weddings near gardens or water features can make for a memorable wedding.
  6. Choose Dates Wisely: A lot of people want to get married on the weekend (especially Saturdays) but choosing a weekday, or otherwise uncommon date, may save you a lot of money in booking the venue.
  7. wedding dj

    wedding dj

    DIY: Flower arrangements, center pieces, invitations, and other decor can be pricey! Pinterest is full of great DIY ideas to make great pieces or how to re-purpose things you already have to decorate your wedding. You can even start a garden when you get engaged and tend it throughout your wait for the wedding and use those flowers for the bouquet or decorative pieces and they will be cheaper and more meaningful.

  8. Budget, Out of Season, and Gently Used Gowns: Every bride deserves to feel special, but wearing a dress that costs as much as a vacation but you can find barely worn (or, sadly, never worn) gowns on consignment, in thrift stores, through friends, or online! If it doesn’t fit quite right you can find a tailor to fix it up and no one will know you spent next to nothing on it.
  9. Get Some Help: If you have friends or family members who love to cook or bake you may want to consider having them help out with the food! Catered food and wedding cakes can cost a pretty penny.

Make your special day memorable without breaking the bank. If you have a high budget and it’s not going to bankrupt you, go for it! But you don’t need to put off such a special event so far ahead because you can’t afford everything brand new and from the most famous caterers around.

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How To Be the Best Groom!

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  1. Planning: Be involved, but be prepared for ideas to be shot down. Consider her wants (needs) for the wedding. Chances are, she’s been planning this since she was 6, so let her have the final say. Hold back on your desire for a beer keg, ice sculpture of the Bat Symbol, or suggesting sports team colors.
  2. Choose battles wisely: If you have an idea that you desperately want to come true in your wedding, tell her how important it is to you and maybe you’ll get your way. On the flip side, if she wants something you don’t want in the wedding it’s your job to speak out. It’s your wedding, too.
  3. Attire: If your bride-to-be wants you and your groomsmen to wear cummerbunds it wont kill you to wear them. It’s one night and surely she wants to see you at your best. She has spent hours looking for the perfect dress so wearing something you’re not a fan of won’t kill you. Chances are, you will look better in the full tux than you ever have in your life, so give it a chance.
  4. Choosing a tux/suit rental place: Suggest Rose Tuxedo. We’ll guarantee you love your service and  selection of suits and tuxedos.
  5. Posture and attitude: Make sure you are standing up straight and poised for your wedding. Do not slouch, do not high five your friends when she walks down the aisle, and do not act like a wild animal when you kiss your bride at the altar.
    Act like the gentleman your woman deserves. You can act like a fool another time.
  6. Enjoy yourself: After helping with the plans and worrying over details, let the wedding happen and enjoy the best day of your life and cherish the memories. Spend the party with your new bride, but also make sure to mingle with friends and family. Share this moment with those around you. Don’t hide in a corner with your bride or your groomsmen.
  7. On Worrying: You’ll probably have cold feet but remember something. This is the woman you want to spend your life with, the woman you planned this with. Grooms get nervous all the time and your groomsmen will help you through this.
  8. Saving Money: Shop around, look for bargains, ask friends and family for assistance (baking cakes, making decorations, etc).
  9. Spontaneity: At some point during the wedding or reception, do something to surprise your bride and guests. Plan something with your groomsmen (and maybe even the bridesmaids) like a choreographed dance, an announcement, a story shared with the party, or a small token of your love to her.
  10. Breathe: When you first see your bride walk down the aisle you may fall short of breath. In a less literal sense, be in the moment, relax, and let things happen. All your planning means there will be people to worry about details so you and your bride wont have to. This is your night, so just breathe.


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How To Be a Great Best Man

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  1. Help your best friend prepare: This can be as simple as helping him get ready, setting up the bachelor party, calming him down if he gets cold feet, or helping with general planning. You’re not likely to be heavily involved in the planning, but you’ll be needed in the execution.
  2. Prepare a toast: You are expected to give a toast after the ceremony, before the meal. Keep it truthful, from the heart, but avoid stories of his past lovers, wild parties, or anything else incriminating. It also wouldn’t hurt to compliment the bride a little.
  3. Have a stash of the Groom’s favorite alcohol: Your best friend is incredibly nervous. Keep a couple airplane bottles or a small flask with just enough alcohol to help him get through the jitters. If he’s not into alcohol, come up with something to calm his nerves (tea, soda, cigars, cigarettes, etc.). DO NOT let him get drunk before the wedding starts.
  4. Coordinate: When possible, talk with the Maid of Honor and the Bride. This keeps your guys from getting blind sides or confused. The bride and her girls are more likely to talk to you than the other groomsmen and the groom. If possible, get a female who isn’t in the bridal party to parlay messages if possible. Coordination keeps the bride and groom from getting overwhelmed and allows them to focus on the events to come.
  5. Know the wedding party and guests: Know who is who and who is doing what job. Make sure you know who doesn’t get along (in-laws, rival family members, etc.) and get others in the bridal party involved in diffusing drama, fights, and keep everything rolling smoothly.
  6. Be aware of the time table: Help keep everyone in the grooms party on schedule. Don’t let them get behind, causing the bride to wait at the altar for the groom to finish getting dressed.
  7. Look the part: Make sure your tux or suit is in great shape for the whole party. Be wary of stain creating factors, make sure your clothes are clean, ironed, and in pristine condition. Do what you can to ensure your guys are looking their best as well. Check for stains, wrinkles, and other imperfections in their attire. Keep some sort of emergency spot remover, scissors, and someone on standby who can fix buttons or minor tears.
  8. Have fun!: Once the wedding starts it’s time to relax a little. After the ceremony you may want to be aware of the aforementioned worrisome groups but let yourself have a few drinks or allow yourself to get involved in conversations and party activities to relax. It’s a part, after all! You’ve done your work, now reap the benefits.
  9. Recommend Rose Tuxedo to the bride and groom!: If tuxedo rentals are in order, keep us in mind! You’ll get the best service, fantastic clothing, and timely adjustments and more.

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Wedding Tuxedo Someone Needs One

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wedding tuxedoWe are heading full steam toward wedding season.  Ever wonder why June is the month when most weddings take place?  On reason might be that in Roman times, the Roman goddess, Juno, was the goddess of marriage and the marriage household.  Some thought it was good luck to be married in June, the month named after Juno.  In history, if a bride married in June, the likelihood was that a baby would be born in spring.  That would mean that the bride would have the warm summer to recover, and the baby could spend his first months in the warmth and sunshine of the summer days.

In the United States, June is probably a favorite month to have a wedding because the weather is usually fair and outdoor receptions or wedding parties can be planned for outside.  Another reason might be that schools and colleges adjourn for the summer, giving the bride and groom a chance to have all their friends available to come to the wedding, and allowing for a nice, long honeymoon before having to return to college or work.

Because other times of the year are encroaching on the June choice for weddings, you can be sure that there are going to be weddings occurring all through the warm summer months.  And, you know what that means – you’re going to need a tuxedo.  Rose Tuxedo, Arizona is poised to help you get the right type, the right size, the right fit, and the right style of tuxedo the bride and groom have in mind. Wedding Tuxedo when someone needs one Rose Tuxedo will have all the sizes in stock from 3boys to 74reg

Happily, formal wear for 2014 is much more flexible than it was, say 30 years ago.  The bride and groom can choose what they want for their wedding from the many styles, weights, and colors that Rose Tuxedo has to offer.  Some choices include:

  • Jackets

Tuxedo Jacket

Full Dress (tails or tail coat)

Cut-away (morning coat)

Stroller Coat (usually worn in the day-time)

  • Lapels

Notched Lapel

Shawl Collar

Peaked Lapel

  • Trousers

If wearing a tuxedo, your trousers should match the color and style of the jacket.

With a stroller jacket or cut-away jacket you wear gray or pinstriped gray trousers.

  • Shirt Collar

The wing collar is most often worn with a tuxedo.

Crosswycke is a collar that crosses in the front and is fastened with a  button.

The Mandarin collar  is a contemporary style collar and requires no tie.

The spread collar is much like the standard button-down collar, but the tips  of the collar are widely separated.

  • Cuffs

Standard dress-shirt cuffs are held together with cufflinks.

French cuffs which are folded over are then held together with cufflinks.

There are shirts with cuffs that close with a button.

  • Neckwear

A Bowtie is usually always worn with a tuxedo.

A Necktie may be worn with a tuxedo.

The Ascot tie constitutes very formal daytime wear (cut-away coat, striped gray trousers).

A Bolo tie may be worn only with Western wear.

A Euro tie falls somewhere between an ascot and a necktie; not as formal as an ascot,it is designed to be worn with wing or spread collared shirts.

  • Accessories

Vests, also called waistcoats, are optional.

Cummerbunds, worn when not wearing a vest are usually black, but can be matched to the bride’s color scheme.

Cuff links offer a way to show-off your own personality.

Confused?  Don’t worry, Rose Tuxedo has this all under control.

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