Look out for these when Renting a Tuxedo in 2018

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There are definitely essential elements you need to look out for when making a . A doesn’t just come on its own. There are other clothing materials that come together with the to give you that all-around exquisite look. If you’re renting a , chances are it’s a big occasion. And you’re concerned about giving a good impression of yourself. So, since that is the case, read this article to know how well to make the right choices of these elements while saving cost.tuxedo

The Neckwear

Many functions and weddings allow for any kind of neckwear whether it is a long black tie or a bow tie but for the most formal and perfect look, you must wear a bow tie with a tuxedo. It could make you stand out from rest of the men at the wedding and that is your ultimate goal, to look better than everyone else. Another thing is a self-tied bow tie and it can hugely change your look because the difference between a ready-made bow tie and a self-tied bow tie is like night and day in terms of tuxedos.

Cuff Links and Studs

Tuxedo shirts can be fastened with studs and cufflinks or with regular plastic buttons. Most of the people won’t even care to notice your special buttons but those who do, will leave with a great impression thinking that they attended the wedding of a very good and professional man as opposed to if you are wearing a shirt with a regular button, they won’t think much of you. Studs and Cufflinks also help in boosting the confidence of the person who is wearing them.

Pocket Square

Tux coats mostly have a pocket on the left side. And the general rule is that if you have a pocket on the left side of the coat over the chest, then there has to be a pocket square in the pocket. Many don’t care to put this in their tuxedos but still look good but the thing is that if you put a pocket square in your coat, you will look even better. There are several ways to fold it but the simplest one that still looks good is straight edge fold.


Always wear a white shirt. This should be a rule. But since it’s not, many people don’t pay attention to this step. And they end up wearing black or other colored shirts. Although black shirts do well for other formal events, they should be a no-go territory for a wedding. The best masculine effect is achieved by white shirts and a black tux. Another thing to note here is the collar and the best shirt is the one which has a turn-down collar.

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