Tuxedo shop get’s creative in Phoenix Arizona to help draw customers to their business.

Lot’s of small business owners are having to come up with creative ways to bring more business to their front door. With Amazon delivering everything from Apples to beds how does a small business compete in this crazy market?

Well, one small business has come up with a way to try and attract more tuxedo rental customers by offering their 2 Airbnb homes that the owners have to their Wedding parties guest. Rose Tuxedo advertising says “reserve your Tuxedo and Suit rentals early” and ask if our Airbnb homes are available for your guest coming to town. It goes onto say, great discounts for those that book their wedding party early with Rose Tuxedo. They have 3 valley Tuxedo locations in Arizona so this should be a nice draw for some. Lot’s of weddings in Arizona during the cooler months and lots of guest making the trip to be apart of their friends and family’s weddings and quinceaneras.

Airbnb’s have become a great way for travelers to save money on their vacations. Hotels have been the traditional places that travelers and guest have stayed. Some Wedding parties even make room at their homes and friends and families. But Vacation rental homes are a great way for large families and friends to stay and save money. And with lots of amenities that hotels and resorts don’t offer. Close to shopping, open spaces to relax and enjoy your time in town, and not be sitting in a hotel room. Some Vacation rental host even offer their guest coffee, fast wifi, pools and pet friendly so you can bring Rover. The savings extend even further when you think about all the meals you can cook at the house and save by not eating out everyday.